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Fundraising is a Win-Win-Win!

Does your community organization need to raise funds for uniforms, travel, upgrading a meetinghouse, summer camp, or other reason?

Are you tired of selling over-priced candy, magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper, popcorn, or other products that nobody wants?

What if you could sell things that actually save your supporters money on travel, professional sports tickets, rounds of golf, dining, movie tickets, spa services, car maintenance, and a host of other things they would purchase anyway?

What if you could continue to earn after your main promotion was over by simply emailing your supporters about new savings opportunities?

Let the power of money saving cards lift your fundraising efforts to new heights!


We make it Quick and Easy to reach your goals - so you can focus on what matters.

  • Your organization makes money faster, earning more per sale than with other leading fundraisers - $5 to $20 per sale.
  • Low minimums! If you need to raise as little as $500, you may qualify for a card fundraiser.
  • Keep raising money each month by sending follow up emails to supporters.


  • Everyone on your team is working smarter, not harder, achieving your goal with fewer sales.
  • They bring supporters real savings, not overpriced items you can get at the local store.
  • Support local businesses, not a national fundraising marketing corporation
  • Raise money online by having your fundraisers email a link to supporters, even if they are out of town. We'll deliver the product for them!


All cards feature strong offers - many of them for FREE items and services. And they usually pay for themselves on their first use. Almost anyone can find a card they'll want to take advantage of.

  • Most cards are worth up to 10 times the value of their low purchase price.
  • All cards feature brands and services your supporters recognize, respect and use - many right in their own neighborhood.


  • Must order at least 50 cards, payment for cards is made before cards are shipped
  • Must fill out application form, will be sent to you when a fundraiser request is received
  • Important details : Organization Name, Fundraiser Coordinator, Address, Website
  • Phone Number, Email, Tax ID - the more you can tell us about the fundraiser and your organization the better!
  • In addition to the application form you must provide a letter stating what the fundraiser is for, your organization name, and primary contact
  • All fundraising cards are sold strictly for fundraising purposes not for profit or resale. There are No refunds for unsold cards

    Prices for fundraiser cards vary by team or product, generally; you will be able to raise $10 to $12 per card sold

    Click on Ask Us and give us some details about your fundraiser or call 888-767-0734 and our fundraising specialist will get with you to build a winning fundraising program - raising funds is easier in the circle!